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BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens has Baker Mayfield’s back.

In a big way.

Kitchens said Thursday he has no problem with any of Mayfield’s recent statements about former coach Hue Jackson, including an Instagram response when Mayfield called Jackson “fake.”


Mayfield: No regrets over calling Jackson ‘fake’
Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said Wednesday that he has no regrets over calling former coach Hue Jackson “fake” and added that he’s not looking for the approval of anyone who questions his maturity.

“I promise you this: Baker’s not going to blow smoke up anybody’s ass,” Kitchens said Thursday as the Browns prepared to face the Texans in Houston on Sunday. “So if he said it, that’s what he feels. And I’m standing behind Baker Mayfield.”

Mayfield did not detail what he meant except to say there were things that happened in the building that led him to use the word.

Kitchens was just as adamant about Mayfield’s postgame comments in Cincinnati when Mayfield said he did not appreciate his former coach taking a job with a rival so soon after being fired by Cleveland.

“I don’t have a problem with Baker saying anything like that,” Kitchens said. “The guy spoke what he felt to be true. I don’t know when it became big news to speak the truth, OK? And if that’s what he feels then he should voice it.

“Hard Knocks is in here and everybody is looking for a story. Well, he’s giving you a story. He’s telling you the truth. Everybody wants an inside look and the truth. Well hell, that’s the truth.

“We go down to Cincinnati and one of the biggest wins … I know there’s people in that locker room that have never gotten on a plane to come back here on a road game with a victory. So they didn’t know that feeling until then.

“Suddenly it’s big news if we don’t want to turn it into a Kumbaya after the game and turn it into fist bumps and hugs. I don’t think Baker disrespected anybody in what he said. He spoke what he felt.”

Kitchens said he can see the Browns coming together, and that words are irrelevant.

“At some point, everybody’s going to realize it doesn’t matter what anybody else says,” Kitchens said. “It doesn’t matter what anybody says in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, nowhere. It’s about what’s said in here. And more importantly it’s about our fans, our organization and our locker room most important.

“It’s about what those guys in there feel, and when they start believing that, which they do, then you have something.”

Mayfield’s teammates did not want to be drawn into a discussion about Mayfield’s words. To Kitchens, it’s fundamental.
“Ultimately it’s about winning,” Kitchens said. “When you start winning people want to find other stories. I’ve told you guys this in the spring: Players chase stats and media chases controversy, because both of them equal money. It’s about how many hits you get on the internet; it’s about how many viewers you have.

“Ultimately if we can stay together in the locker room or not let anything like (stats) divide us or any Instagrams or anything like that divide us, we’re going to be fine.”

Kitchens also said that he told running back Nick Chubb he could call the plays in Houston if Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship game. Chubb played at Georgia, Kitchens at Alabama, and Wednesday Chubb told the NFL Network about the fun arrangement.

“That’s because he (Kitchens) has no belief we’ll win,” Chubb said.

“I changed a play today to Roll Tide; he wouldn’t even run the play, so I don’t know,” Kitchens said of Chubb. “I had to come up with something; he wouldn’t even bet me anything.”

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Rob Gronkowski deflected any comparisons to fellow tight end Travis Kelce leading into Sunday night’s AFC showdown between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, but he praised Kelce as a “great player.”

How the Chiefs and Patriots have brought college offenses to the NFL
Expect a lot of shotgun formations, spread fields, option plays and other college concepts when the Patriots and Chiefs meet Sunday night.

NFL experts predict: Week 6 upsets, Gronk vs. Kelce debate, more
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‘Turbo Andy’ got his guy: Inside the Reid-Mahomes masterpiece
“I selfishly hoped for him that he would go to the Chiefs,” Patrick Mahomes’ college coach says. So did Andy Reid. Here’s how the perfect duo came to be.

“The rankings, the comparisons and all that, I’ll just leave that up to you guys [in the media], whatever you say,” Gronkowski said Wednesday. “I just try to do my best. I think he’s a great player, and I’ve just got to worry about what I can do to help out the team.”

New England’s Gronkowski remains limited in practice with an ankle injury, but he said that his body feels good and he will “be ready to play Sunday night,” which sets up the inevitable comparisons with Kansas City’s Kelce, as they are two of the best tight ends in the NFL.

“He’s quick, he’s shifty, which is very crucial to have,” Gronkowski said of Kelce. “He knows how to get separation and get away from the defender. I like watching him play when I get a chance.”

Gronkowski was amused to learn that both he and Kelce are 29 years old, even though Gronkowski has been playing in the NFL since 2010, while Kelce entered the league in 2013. Gronkowski said the two have met a few times, mostly at NFL events such as the Super Bowl, but they don’t have much of a connection beyond that.

This season, Kelce has the edge on the stat sheet, having caught 28 passes for 407 yards, with three touchdowns. Gronkowski has 23 receptions for 308 yards and one touchdown, as he has been kept out of the end zone in each of the past four games.

“I’ve got to pick it up. I’ve got to start scoring,” Gronkowski said, after noting that he’s happy as long as the Patriots are winning.

Because some view the 6-foot-6, 268-pound Gronkowski as more of a combination tight end (equally effective as a pass-catcher and a blocker) and the 6-foot-5, 260-pound Kelce as more of a bigger wide receiver who is less likely to be an in-line blocker, Gronkowski was asked if he even considers them playing the same position.
“You can look for yourself. I think he’s a great player and [you] can definitely learn from guys like that. Just his shiftiness is nice,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gronkowski took a moment to acknowledge the Boston Red Sox advancing to the American League Championship Series, relaying that he has watched “a couple innings here and there” and has been impressed with how they came together as a team.

Sunday night’s Patriots-Chiefs game in Foxborough is scheduled to kick off at 8:20 p.m. ET, which is about an hour after the start of Game 2 of the ALCS, as the Red Sox host the Houston Astros at Fenway Park.

Gronkowski had some fun with the scheduling.

“That’s pretty nuts. But you know Boston sports fans, they’re going to have two TVs — the Red Sox game right there and the Patriots game right there,” he said. “Probably halftime of our game, the Red Sox game will be [finishing] up or something. New England fans, they’re die-hard fans — not just for football, but for every sport around here. So you know they’ll find a way to watch both.”

Authentic Good Quality Football Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers Jerseys Wholesale

Kyle Shanahan said last week that Jimmy Garoppolo might not see the field all season.

One week later, the 49ers coach has changed his tune on the team’s recently acquired quarterback.

While announcing to Giants reporters on a conference call that C.J. Beathard would start against New York on Sunday, Shanahan revealed Wednesday that Garoppolo is much further along this week.

Earlier in the day, the coach acknowledged that he hoped to see the former Patriots backup “sooner rather than later,” per Joe Fann of the team’s official website.

The winless Niners shipped a second-round pick to New England last Monday to land Garoppolo, whose contract expires after the season. Whether San Francisco plans to franchise tag or re-sign the young passer, it’s imperative the team gets a close look at him.

With their bye up next after New York, it makes sense to wait another week. The idea that the campaign would end without Garoppolo making starts, though, simply never checked out.

Perhaps the concern in San Francisco is a turnstile offensive line that leaves Niners signal-callers subject to ultra-violence on a weekly basis:

Joe Fann ✔@Joe_Fann
Kyle Shanahan said that the 49ers offense is being blitzed more than he’s ever experienced in his career.

“We aren’t making people pay.”
4:59 AM – Nov 9, 2017 · Santa Clara, CA
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“I’m trying to learn this playbook as fast as possible,” Garoppolo said Wednesday of a complex, Shanahan-led scheme that would test any veteran out of the gate.

It’s no simple task stepping into a new offense post-Halloween, but these are unique times for the Niners after they pulled the trigger on a potential long-term solution under center. They must discover how Garoppolo performs — especially in circumstances less pristine than Foxborough.

Bad teams shove promising quarterbacks on the field all the time. Pulling Garoppolo west from New England brought waves of new hope to the Bay Area. It’s time to see what he can do.

Cheap NFL Stitched Los Angeles Chargers Max Tuerk Womens Jerseys From China

Chargers offensive lineman Max Tuerk has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2017 regular season for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing substances, the team announced.

“This offseason, I made the mistake of taking over-the-counter supplements,” Tuerk said in a statement, via the team website. “In doing so, I opened myself up to the possibility of consuming a tainted supplement — something that ultimately led to a positive test for a banned substance. I accept responsibility for my actions and understand the NFL’s policy is very clear on this matter. This is a very hard way to learn a lesson, and I will never make this mistake again.”

Tuerk was a third-round pick by the Chargers in the 2016 NFL Draft, but didn’t play in any games his rookie season. Now, he has to wait until after the team’s Oct. 1 game against the Eagles to play in his first career NFL game.

“We respect and support the League’s decision on this matter,” the team said in a statement. “While disappointed, we appreciate that Max has accepted responsibility and are confident that he understands what is expected from him moving forward.”