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BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens has Baker Mayfield’s back.

In a big way.

Kitchens said Thursday he has no problem with any of Mayfield’s recent statements about former coach Hue Jackson, including an Instagram response when Mayfield called Jackson “fake.”


Mayfield: No regrets over calling Jackson ‘fake’
Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said Wednesday that he has no regrets over calling former coach Hue Jackson “fake” and added that he’s not looking for the approval of anyone who questions his maturity.

“I promise you this: Baker’s not going to blow smoke up anybody’s ass,” Kitchens said Thursday as the Browns prepared to face the Texans in Houston on Sunday. “So if he said it, that’s what he feels. And I’m standing behind Baker Mayfield.”

Mayfield did not detail what he meant except to say there were things that happened in the building that led him to use the word.

Kitchens was just as adamant about Mayfield’s postgame comments in Cincinnati when Mayfield said he did not appreciate his former coach taking a job with a rival so soon after being fired by Cleveland.

“I don’t have a problem with Baker saying anything like that,” Kitchens said. “The guy spoke what he felt to be true. I don’t know when it became big news to speak the truth, OK? And if that’s what he feels then he should voice it.

“Hard Knocks is in here and everybody is looking for a story. Well, he’s giving you a story. He’s telling you the truth. Everybody wants an inside look and the truth. Well hell, that’s the truth.

“We go down to Cincinnati and one of the biggest wins … I know there’s people in that locker room that have never gotten on a plane to come back here on a road game with a victory. So they didn’t know that feeling until then.

“Suddenly it’s big news if we don’t want to turn it into a Kumbaya after the game and turn it into fist bumps and hugs. I don’t think Baker disrespected anybody in what he said. He spoke what he felt.”

Kitchens said he can see the Browns coming together, and that words are irrelevant.

“At some point, everybody’s going to realize it doesn’t matter what anybody else says,” Kitchens said. “It doesn’t matter what anybody says in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, nowhere. It’s about what’s said in here. And more importantly it’s about our fans, our organization and our locker room most important.

“It’s about what those guys in there feel, and when they start believing that, which they do, then you have something.”

Mayfield’s teammates did not want to be drawn into a discussion about Mayfield’s words. To Kitchens, it’s fundamental.
“Ultimately it’s about winning,” Kitchens said. “When you start winning people want to find other stories. I’ve told you guys this in the spring: Players chase stats and media chases controversy, because both of them equal money. It’s about how many hits you get on the internet; it’s about how many viewers you have.

“Ultimately if we can stay together in the locker room or not let anything like (stats) divide us or any Instagrams or anything like that divide us, we’re going to be fine.”

Kitchens also said that he told running back Nick Chubb he could call the plays in Houston if Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship game. Chubb played at Georgia, Kitchens at Alabama, and Wednesday Chubb told the NFL Network about the fun arrangement.

“That’s because he (Kitchens) has no belief we’ll win,” Chubb said.

“I changed a play today to Roll Tide; he wouldn’t even run the play, so I don’t know,” Kitchens said of Chubb. “I had to come up with something; he wouldn’t even bet me anything.”

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Here’s the Bills news of note for Dec. 11th.

1 – Webb quarterbacks Bills to Week 14 win

Prior to Sunday’s game, it was unclear whether Nathan Peterman or Tyrod Taylorwould be the starting quarterback against the Colts. Due to injuries, Joe Webb was behind center leading the Bills to victory.

Taylor was ruled inactive as he’s battling back from a knee injury suffered in Week 13. Peterman, who started the game, left with a head injury with 5:25 remaining in the third quarter. He’s currently in the concussion protocol. With Peterman and Taylor down, all eyes were on Webb to secure a win.

Running back, LeSean McCoy, shared a story after Sunday’s win when he was playing in Philadelphia and went against Webb when he was the third-string quarterback in Minnesota.

“Listen to this story. We played the Vikings. If we win, we get a bye into the playoffs. Brett Favre was out, backup was out and Adrian Peterson was out. It was just him [Webb] and Percy [Harvin]. I never heard of Joe Webb,” said McCoy. “I’m like, ‘This is going to be an easy game.’ Man, this dude was killing us. Read options, fake passing and running, throwing bombs. So when Joe came in the game [on Sunday] I said, ‘Joe, look, do the same stuff you did when you beat us. Nothing else.’”
Webb finished the game completing two-of-six passes for 35 yards. He added five carries for 27 yards as well. He threw an interception with one minute remaining in the fourth quarter, but fortunately Indianapolis missed a field goal to push the game to overtime. Buffalo would score the first touchdown of OT to tally a 13-7 win.

“It felt good. In this league, you don’t get second chances a lot,” said Webb. “For me to get that second chance was a blessing. The team rallied around it. Great job by the defense getting the offense the ball back.”

Buffalo’s first drive of OT resulted in a punt. Colton Schmidt pinned the Colts on their 10-yard line and they would punt back to the Bills six plays later. On the Bills second drive of OT, Webb tossed a 34-yard pass to Deonte Thompson deep in Indianapolis territory. Three plays later, LeSean McCoy ended the game on a 21-yard run.

“Joe Webb, we’re down to our third quarterback and what a gutsy performance,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “He had some key conversions for first downs with his feet and then one with his arm as well. Just a big-time performance.”

Webb’s spot on the quarterback depth chart could be elevated again this coming week with Tyrod Taylor still nursing a knee injury and Peterman in the concussion protocol.

“We’ll see what coach McDermott has in store. We’ll see what’s going on with Tyrod [Taylor] and Nate [Peterman],” Webb said. “I will always be ready if my number is called. If that be the case, I’m prepared for it.”

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2 – Regular football impossible in measurable snowfall
Snow football may’ve been fun to play with your buddies, but real NFL football is impossible when the snow accumulates faster than it can be cleared off the field. This was the case in Sunday’s game between the Bills and Colts.

For Bills head coach, Sean McDermott, Sunday’s sloppy conditions were something he hasn’t experienced before.

“I really haven’t. Twenty-some years around the NFL and I haven’t,” said McDermott. “I think we had it all but sun on Sunday. We had some lightning, thunder, and a lot of snow.”

The lake effect snow band bombarded New Era Field, dumping snow at a rate of two to three inches an hour. The snow under foot, which at times was up to players’ ankles, made life difficult for every player on the field. That’s why the two teams relied largely on the ground game. The Bills and Colts combined for 46 run plays versus 11 pass plays in the first half. By game’s end, Buffalo had twice as many rushing yards (227) as passing yards (92).

“To be honest, this game was a lot harder than the Philadelphia game where I had 200 yards. I think the biggest reason was that the snow never stopped, the wind never stopped,” said McCoy. “This game, it continued to snow and snow and snow. I think this was the worst one.”

“It was definitely hard, especially when we were going away from tunnel with the wind coming at us,” said Jordan Poyer. “Snow in your eyeballs. It was tough at times. But we found a way. Everybody stepped up and we got a huge win for our football team.”

Nobody appeared to be having more fun in the frigid conditions than rookie Tre’Davious White. He was dancing and jumping around in route to Buffalo’s 13-7 victory.

“Everybody in this locker room thinks the snow bothers me because I’m from Louisiana,” said White. “I had to show them I can weather the storm and go out there and perform at a high level in any conditions.”
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Bills vs Colts – Week 14

3 – Milano makes most out of Sunday’s start
Rookie linebacker, Matt Milano, was informed at the beginning of the week that he would be starting against the Colts. Shouldering that responsibility throughout the week wasn’t a problem as he made the most of his opportunity.

Head coach, Sean McDermott, thought his 2017 fifth-round pick played well.

“I thought Matt did,” said McDermott. “He and Ramon combined for some really good play from the linebacker position.”

Milano was making plays all over the field against the Colts. His 11 tackles were a game-high between both teams.
“I was out there trying to make plays,” said Milano. “Every time I’m on the field I try to make plays. As many as I can.”

His double-digit tackles came in conditions he’s never played in before. With two to three inches of snowing accumulation an hour and winds whipping through the air, Milano played arguably his best game as a Bill.

“You just have to embrace it, be unconditional,” said Milano. “It can be hot as hell, it can be like it was on Sunday. You just have to play and not let it affect you.”